A One of a Kind Pony Party

Easter Petting Zoo Dallas!

Live Zoo animals mean your next outdoor Zoo set is going to be the best. Spring is here and our Easter Petting Zoo in Dallas is full of miniature chickens, mini goats, ducks, bunnies and lambs for your spring events.


This package includes: 20 miniature USDA licensed farm animals, straw bales, portable fencing, brushes to brush animals, informational warning signs, hand sanitizing gel station, complete set up, take down, clean up during and after the event.

The Easter Petting Zoo is approximately 12x15 ft in size. We can accommodate up to 15 guests at one time in your small petting zoo.

All events booked in April have a 2 hour minimum.

Set up and take down time are NOT included in your entertainment time so you can enjoy the animals for the full paid for time.

Travel Petting Zoo

Indoor events are required to provide floor coverings so that the animals do not damage the floor. We are not responsible for providing floor coverings or damage to the floor caused by the animals. As always we will keep the animal area clean of animal waste.

We ALWAYS provide a copy or our USDA license and Insurance on every event.

We only leave you with tons of smiles and fond memories.

Our Travel Petting Zoo animal list is as follows:

Along with our new spring babies we also offer, Registered Show Quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats in a variety of colors, White Wool Sheep, Black Wool Sheep, Hair Sheep, Mini Rex Rabbits, Mini Lop Ear Rabbits, New Zealand Rabbits and English Spot Rabbits, ducks and baby chicks. Baby Animals are always included when they are available and old enough to be enjoyed by your little ones.

Minimum of 20 animals in the birthday party, school farm unit or school field trip petting zoo farm. You can request the types of animals you would like to have in your petting zoo farm or let us pick for you from a large variety of color, hair fiber and type for your unforgettable experience!

Small 20 animal petting zoo $200.00 for the first hour $100.00 per additional hour

Do you need a bigger petting zoo farm?? We can help.

Our large event travel petting zoo farm includes everything above with a minimum of 35 animals from the animal list PLUS a miniature cow, miniature horse, miniature donkey and a pot belly piggy. Our large event travel petting zoo farm is 20 x 20 in size and can accommodate 35 guests at a time.

Large 35 animal petting zoo $300.00 for the first hour $150.00 per additional hour

We are proud to offer our donkey's for riding. We still have the miniature donkeys for hand leading but are now offering standard donkeys for hand led riding. Make your Zoo or Easter event more memorable by having Mary or Jesus riding on God's chosen beast of burden.

Our donkeys can work indoors or outdoors. Our handlers will be happy to wear costumes that are provided by the event to complete the setting.

Riding donkeys are $175.00 for the first hour per donkey, $75.00 per additional hour per donkey.

Add a riding donkey to your Zoo or 20 animal Easter petting zoo. $325.00 combo rate for the first hour, $175.00 per additional hour.

Riding donkey combo with a larger Zoo or Easter petting zoo. $425.00 for the first hour, $200.00 per additional hour.

We also offer a riding mule "George". George has been in commercials, has made special appearances as a Russian Mule and been in numerous Easter pageants. He loves children and is quite a ham.
$175.00 for the first hour, $75.00 per additional hour.

We have been voted #1 Children's Entertainment for the fourth year in a row for Ellis County. We appreciate all of your business without our wonderful clients this award could not have been achieved. Thank you for helping make 2014 an amazing year.

Deposit/Form of Payment: Due to the high rate of NSF checks and checks issued on closed accounts, we NO LONGER accept PERSONAL CHECKS on the day of your event. Payment can only be accepted by CASH, MONEY ORDERS, BUSINESS CHECKS, CHURCH CHECKS or DAYCARE CHECKS when we ARRIVE the day of event. Personal checks will be accepted for DEPOSIT ONLY. Deposit shall be NON-REFUNDABLE. Deposit will be credited towards and reduce the cost of the event accordingly. (For events that are over $500.00 the amount of the deposit is half of the event total).

Cancellation Policy: Group a re-schedule event date by providing no less than 48 hours written notice to "A One of a Kind Pony Party". If cancellation is not recieved in writing within 48 hours PAYMENT FOR THE EVENT IS DUE IN FULL. In the event of weather related cancellation of re-scheduling, the 48 hour written notice will be waived, however, cancellation due to the weather must be recieved 24 hours prior to the start of the event. If cancellation is not recieved within 24 hours prior for weather related cancellations, payment for the event is due in FULL. Deposits will be credited towards a re-scheduled event for up to six months.

Ice: Please note that we are unable to drive or pull trailers in ANY icy condition. It is NOT safe for the staff, animals or our equipment. The animals can and will die from over exposure to below freezing temperatures and trailers will jackknife, leaving us stranded on the road while traveling to your event. In the event of ice we will call you in advance to re-schedule your event. Your deposit will be credited towards a re-scheduled event for up to one year fromt the date of the original event. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Event Set-up: Group shall provide adequate areas for staging of carriage ride, pony ride, petting zoo, carousel, and parking of horse trailer NO FURTHER than 20 FEET from said areas. Group shall provide adequate adult supervision outside of zoo, carriage and pony rides. Warning signs advising parents of release of liability shall be posted at all events. Hand washing stations WILL be provided at ALL events.

Payment: Payment is due when we arrive at the event. We will be unable to set-up until payment has been made. Sorry for this inconvenience but this keeps everyone on schedule. If we must wait for the payment, the time will be reflected in your event time.

Indoor Events: If the event is indoors, the group shall provide and dispose of all floor covering needed to protect the floor surface from damage.

Gas Mileage: We do charge $1.00 per mile ONE WAY from our zip code 75165. If your event is over 60 miles or more one way we charge .75 per mile round trip.

Please note that once an agreement is signed you are unable to downgrade your event. We will be happy to upgrade (add to) if we have what you are needing available. If you choose to downgrade your event after your event is booked you will still be responsible for the original booking rate.


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